Friday, September 3, 2010

Holy Shittake!!

OK, so they aren't shittake's but these are huge mushrooms!! I left for work one morning and saw, what I thought was, a white plastic bag that blew up onto the lawn. When I got a closer look I realized that they were mushrooms...and they are getting bigger and bigger.

The first picture was taken on 8/31 where it measured about 7 inches...yesterday it was as long as my foot...and today it is about 11 inches. There are a few smaller ones, but the largest is in these pictures. We've nicknamed it 'The Carrier Dome".


  1. Looks like a puff ball mushroom

  2. Choice edible puffball mushroom!
    Check out these websites for identification information and recipies.

  3. Hi Cindy,
    We live in CNY too and have now eaten 2 of these puffballs. I was scared at first but then when people starting stealing them from my yard, I decided they must be pretty good! The first one we fried up in butter. The second one we soaked in a balsamic marinade, grilled them and made the best mushroom burgers ever! Tonight we are having puffball mushroom parmesan. These are a great discovery, I think they sell them in the market in the UK. But for us, being recent Massachusetts transplants, this is a new food!

  4. Puffballs (white all the way through) are well-known in Germany as the choice edible steinpilz.