Thursday, September 22, 2011

Family Reunion Weekend in LBI

Last weekend we wrapped up summer 2011 with our annual family reunion at my parents house in Long Beach Island.  We had family from New Jersey, Delaware, PA and Maryland.  As all of us 'kids' have gotten older we've moved away and so we don't get to see each other as often as we used to so it was great to see everyone; meet the newest addition to the family, baby Audrey; and celebrate a birthday!  The weather didn't work out so well so our party was moved indoors, but we still were able to take our annual group photo without getting rained on.  Here we all are!

Photos courtesy of E.O. Photography
I took over dessert duty this year again with this cake.  My sister and I collaborated on the cake idea and our emphasis was more decoration and theme than trying a new recipe.  It was decorated with blue buttercream icing for the ocean, ground up graham cracker crumbs for the sand, some drink umbrellas, crab candles and a plane pulling a banner...a common sight during the summer on the Jersey Shore.  We all got a laugh when serving the cake, "Would you like a piece of 'ocean' or 'sand'?"

I hope you all had a great summer!

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